Sheerins Health and Beauty Salon


  Advanced Facials

Collagen Facial 3 in 1 90 mins
This is the ultimate anti-ageing treatment using 100% pure collagen mask to impregnate the skin feeding its own fibres - the results:plumping, smoothing of fine lines and deep hydration.
€ 70


Bio-Therapeutic Facial
This 45min 'non surgical face lift' treatment, lifts and tones the muscles of the face and neck, a course of 6 is recommended.


(1)€ 60



  Facial Treatments


Marine Algae Facial (all skin types)
A superb oxygenating, deep cleansing facial which stabilises and combats surface toxins.Made from micronised marine algae - Thalgo signiture facial- 60 mins.

€ 60


Hydra- Moisture Facial (all skin types)
This treatment combats signs of de-hydration leaving the skin softer with improved skin texture.This facial can be tailored individualy for each skin type. 60mins.

€ 65