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Introducing Eye Expert

The eye area is one of the most vulnerable areas of our face, from the age of 20 the eye area starts to show the first signs of ageing. Fine lines start to appear which develop into deeper lines and wrinkles. Protect and treat your eyes with one of the new and exclusive treatments from Thalgo dedicated to the eye area using a new and unique electronic mask which aids the release of accumulated stress and tension with pressotherapy. Vibration therapy which will help to release fluid and toxin build up to prevent puffiness and dark circles. Digitopressure will help to relax the muscles and smooth away lines and wrinkles. After one session results will be achieved, so try this new treatment today and see the results yourself.  For a limited time we are offering this unique and fantastic treatment at a reduced price.

Thalgo Eye Expert (30 minutes)

This ultra-relaxing treatments beings with a cleanse and gentle massage of the eye area using a specific eye concentrate. The Thalgo Eye Massage Mask machine is then used in conjunction with the appropriate eye products and either a warm or cold gel mask underneath to massage the eye contour area, reducing puffiness and dark circles and gently smoothing out any lines or wrinkles. To finish, Thalgo Silicium Eye Cream is applied. The result is an instant rejuvenation of the eye contour area.

Beauty Flash Treatment (30min)

In need of a pick me up? Then look no further than the new Beauty Flash face and eye treatment from Thalgo. Incorporating a radiance boosting face treatment this also includes a pick me up eye treatment to treat either dark circles and puffiness or lines and wrinkles. This dual action treatment includes a deep cleaning treatment followed by a full exfoliation of the face to rid the dead skin cells and rough patches. This is then followed by an application of face and eye mask suited to your skin type and concern. A unique electronic eye mask will then be applied to the eye area to relax and ease tensions. You will be left feeling renewed and relaxed. 


Thalgo Eye Touch (20 minutes)

This treatment can be combined with a face or body treatment. The eye area is cleansed and gently massaged using a specific eye concentrate. Using the appropriate eye products and either a warm or cold gel mask, the Thalgo Eye Massage Mask machine gently massages the eye contour area. An application of Thalgo Silicium eye Cream completes the treatment. The result is an instant rejuvenation of the eye contour area with puffiness and dark circles reduced and any lines or wrinkles gently smoothed.